14 Kundalini Awakening Benefits And Signs


Sonne-Hand-Meer-sun14 Kundalini Awakening Benefits And Signs

It seems we are in the dark when it comes to knowledge about kundalini, unfortunately many spiritualist and psychics are misguiding people when it comes to this subject. So the question does come up, what are the kundalini awakening benefits? It’s not something we can boast to friends and family or in online communities, fact remains kundalini requires many years of spiritual work, both mental and physical.

In all cases kundalini is dormant from birth. Having said that when the kundalinireleased or awakened, the energy shoots up your spine causing many mental changes within you. This is because the chakras have opened during the kundalini awakening. When a complete kundalini awakening takes place, all seven chakras or energy centers in your body are open, otherwise its not possible.
Many people dedicate their whole life to having their kundalini awaken by practicing meditation and spiritual work, they may experience the kundalini awakening from six months to even decades, although seasoned yogis tend to have accelerated results. One of the techniques to awaken your kundalini is through shaktipat, the process involves being open to energy with total surrender and expectations.

Note: Please don’t force yourself into a kundalini awakening, You may do more damage than good.

If you are one who is attuned to the universal energy, the kundalini awakening process will be smoother for you rather than be a spontaneous thing. So what are the kundalini awakening benefits? Many who have gone through this process report the following benefits of kundalini awakening.

14 Kundalini awakening benefits

      • Increase in IQ level

      • Feel more at peace and bliss

      • Psychic abilities are enhanced

      • Much better sense of sound, color and sight

      • Feeling awareness of purification

      • More compassionate and empathic

      • Slowed down aging and increase in creativity

      • Become physically stronger

      • Become more attractive

      • Better wisdom and calmness

      • Increased spiritual connection

      • High sexual pleasure

      • Greater experience of the divine light

      • Blissful vibration of energy perceived inside the ears as sound

You may experience some of these or none at all when your kundalini is awakened, the reason being everyone is unique. I would like to note if your kundalini is awakened spontaneously you might experience a lot of problems.

So tell me what is spontaneous kundalini awakening?

Spontaneous kundalini awakening can occur after something harsh has taken place in your life, something very traumatic, examples would be, death of a loved one, severe injury , having sex with someone whose kundalini is awakened, meeting your twin flame/soulmate, shock or even using drugs.
Fundamentally anything that postpones the logical mind and allowing the natural energy to arise can cause a kundalini awakening. The unexpected onslaught of energy allows considerable amount of adrenaline to be dumped into the system, which can cause havoc. There are many risks including insanity.

Kundalini Awakening benefits through guidance

However when the kundalini is awakened under guidance, it is the ultimate tool for self improvement, allowing long-term positive change. The nature of kundalini is that it can’t be held back when the floodgates are open, there is no way to stop it.
Kundalini awakening can be overwhelming and terrifying, also it’s very primal and incredibly powerful. As the energy moves up your spine, like a coiled snake, the experience can be very blissful or it can be very frightening, intense and feel awful. One thing we can be sure about is when the kundalini is awakened, the life we know will never be the same again.
One of the kundalini awakening benefits often understood is when the energy moves up your spine, your unconscious thoughts can be brought forward as conscious thoughts. Nothing will be buried, whether you want to deal with it or not. It will be out there. Thats one of the reasons why kundalini awakening shouldn’t be carried out alone, without a teacher who can guide you through this extreme emotional process.


We know that kundalini awakening can happen spontaneously under different circumstances and cause problems but under guidance it can be the most amazing experience of your life.
What has been your kundalini awakening benefits, have you been through this blissful process or has it been very harsh for you. Let us know in the comments.

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