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2019 the year of JOY

Freude-Meadchen-laecheln-joy2019 the year of JOY, or what you decide to make it

JOY is right behind your believe of that you do NOT deserve it,

JOY is right behind your Ego driving you for status symbols or behaviours which someone close to you or the society taught would be “the success”,

JOY is right behind your fears which you allow controlling your life,

JOY is right behind your seek for acceptance and love,

JOY is so much closer as you would imagine – you just need to free up the way by facing all that does not serve you and transform beliefs which have been plugged into your mind throughout the years as the JOY factor.

AUTHENTICITY gives the freedom for JOY!

GRATITUDE  is key to JOY!

SELFLOVE is nurturing JOY!

JOY comes from within and is an energizing feeling lifting you UP.

So Best News ever is that it is in your Power to live more JOY in your life, however as usual there is a bit work to do – work through self reflection,  transformation of beliefs and cultivating self love.

Knowing that there are also those people out there who are happy suffering as it brings more attention and avoids taking responsibility for their life – you can stop reading here if – again it is your decision on what you want your life to be. It is neither fate nor is it an unlucky life you by chance got. It is your decision what you do with your life in whatever situation it might be and how you want to live it.

So coming back to the once who are willing to work on themselves rather than blaiming others why things are as they are, coming back to the once who have taken reponsibility of their life and have woken up from the illusion of material safety and sacrificing their JOY for establishing status symbols.


is from my perspective one of the main key factors leading to a life with maximum JOY. It is a process going over years where you have to really work on yourself consciously on transformation of your beliefs and facing your fears resulting in a solid ground of self love and accordingly self confidence.

The moment you reach the state of authenticity is the moment when not your mind is driving your behaviour however it is coming naturally from inside out. When you are living authentic you reflect this also to the outer world and people who are seeking for the same approach you very easily – so don’t be surpised having regular conversations with strangers anywhere in a state of trust. However people who are carrying fears and are trying to run away from them are feeling distracted by your authentic behaviour and can get defensive towards you – as your behaviour is challenging their comfort zone and not fitting into their way of living.

Let them be as they want to be as time will come when they can’t stand the fear controlling their life and getting sick by it. That is the moment when they probably will start looking for solution and if not – never forget everyone has its own path to walk. We are not responsible to change others, we are responsible to work on ourselves and walk our talk. I would like to share also this article which has a good short brief on authenticity https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbescoachescouncil/2018/01/08/this-is-what-happens-when-you-unlock-your-authentic-self/

The feeling of GRATITUDE

coming from deep within, being really grateful of what is and who you are is also a fundamental state of JOY.

It’s not about I do have what I wanted – it is about that present moment which is sharing with you the beauty of life which you must open your heart eye to see and feel it. Isn’t it today so extreme still that negativity is talked in a too high percentage rather that we focus on expressing gratitude on what we have at that moment.

The classic approach of being grateful for the morning waking up healthy – YES basics and powerful. My feeling of gratitude cultivated further due to my personality that I love to have friends in different social status and diverse countries, exploring countries from a local perspective and talk to any people about different staff which enriches my view of the world and accordingly it grows my gratitude towards life.

I am grateful that I decided 10 years ago to seek for more in life and consciously explore myself and ways for transformation. If you want to start cultivating gratitude just kick off with writing down each day 3 things you feel grateful for and appreciate 3 persons which you think have nothing to be appreciated (YES – that is the transformation point). Once you start doing this regularly you will see as it will become a habit and by nature you will see much more to appreciate in life.

There is a study on how gratitude is changing the brain physically which neuroscience is investigating further https://www.inc.com/jessica-stillman/the-amazing-way-gratitude-rewires-your-brain-for-happiness.html and also many Universities like Harvard are investigating into the power of gratitude https://www.health.harvard.edu/healthbeat/giving-thanks-can-make-you-happier


sometimes mixed up by people with a big Ego, no it isn’t – a healthy self love is a must for a joyful life. How you expect to feel JOY if you do not take care of yourself and burn out by pleasing others. Giving is a proven JOY factor see the study https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2018-12/afps-tjo121918.php however the balance to self love must be set.

Self Love is not only doing what I want, it is more about taking care of myself and taking time for myself in this rush of todays daily flow. It is about being honest towards myself and respectful. Start today by writing down each day what you love about yourself – each day 5 aspects and continue this for a month. You will be amazed how self critical you are.

I just had a conversation where people did not feel well about writing their view on themselves as they approach extreme critical themselves. That does not serve their development if they do not appreciate their success and themselves in the now.

YES we all do have further development potential however to do that step, first we must appreciate and be proud of what we have reached. So getting back to the point of self love, appreciating yourself is part of it in a true felt way – not just by words to again influence others that they think I have done great. Being true to yourself despite all is crucial. That will trigger further more your inner potential and JOY in life.

With all this I wish you a beautiful and surprising joyful journey in 2019 – may you BE pure JOY and by expressing it support society well being.

Hülya Özel

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