Authentic Spiritual Changes

Brücke am See


People all over the world are calling for more democracy and transparency in government, business, and in life. There is no doubt that this is a positive sign — a sign that people feel empowered enough to create a better world.

In my last book The Twelfth Insight, I set out to explain this call for reform — and to suggest that it is based on a growing spiritual awakening. The narrative develops amid a stubborn financial downturn, and an escalation of East-West tension and terrorist activity. Sound familiar?

Based on a growing consensus about the psychological nature of spirituality, the book describes a series of steps through which determined individuals can effectively promote reform by discovering a new “lived” spiritual consciousness. This can automatically halt the escalating fear and conflict in the world.

As the book proceeds, the reader moves through an experiential journey that shows precisely how one can find this spiritual connection. And how to integrate all that comes with it: an ongoing SYNCHRONISTIC FLOW, a guiding Intuition, and a personal mission that feels destined.

In the end, the book embraces and explains how Spiritual Connection allows anyone to “prove to themselves that spirituality works.” This connection also unleashes a contagion of integrity and inspiration that can reach those in fear, and lift them out of all hateful ideologies, especially religious ones — creating a true, positive reform.


Remember, the effectiveness of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.? Nothing is more powerful than non-violent protest. The only trouble is, at the same moment authentic protest for freedom and transparency are being expressed, other factions are always seeking to take advantage of the situation for less noble reasons.

Extreme forces sometimes pay desperate people to attack the demonstrators. Even some Democratic governments will lie blatantly about their agendas for political reasons. In other cases, entrenched interests pay the demonstrators to become violent.

Real reform must be diligent in holding to its non-violent ethics. Its leaders and participants must continually call for a higher type of interaction that values the truth. As the book shows, real reform has to center itself in an ethical stance of truth and integrity in all its actions and goals.

The good news is that the majority of people on Earth are ready to embrace this kind of spiritually based integrity. The massive amounts of lying, fraud, and corruption we observe around us has finally begun to shock us out of our complacency. But the tipping point is not to mouth the abstract idea of a “return to ethics.”

Real reform occurs when we discover how our lives can significantly improve when we find our personal path of integrity and honor. Therefore, that is why I call what is happening a spiritual awakening. It turns out that even a small turn towards integrity pays immediate dividends.

Why? It is because when we seek truth with integrity, our feeling of spiritual centeredness grows deeper and broader. It strikes a vein of love and gives us clarity that shows us our best truth to tell others, even as we know our truth and mission will evolve.

Seeking to tell our truth with integrity, as best we know it, will set us free. It always has, even if this fact has to be eternally rediscovered by every generation and every person.


And there’s more. Finding the path of centered integrity ensures that our spiritual connections deepen. Our life journey not only becomes clearer to us, but also becomes the most fun life we could ever have. I’ve been calling this elevated existence, the SPIRITUAL GOOD-LIFE. Eventually, we discover that living our lives with integrity helps to reform the world as we truthfully touch others who cross our paths.

Our inner, intuitive guidance increases, and we find we’re able to convey our truth in exactly the right way to others. We get to feel the excitement of being a life changing Synchronicity for them.

At this point, our spiritual understanding elevates even further. We realize that when we honestly share with others, always seeking to act in the other person’s best interest, we align ourselves with the Karmic Design.

Most of us already know that “what goes around comes around.” We’ve seen it occur over and again. The Karmic Design of the Universe, when it comes to ethics toward others, seems to be “like attracts like.”

Bad Karma happens when we deceive others by shading the truth for our personal benefit. It is bad because the Karmic response is such that we begin to draw others into our lives who act the same way. And we find ourselves deceived and misled. This does not happen as a punishment, but rather to show us the hurt we have been creating in others so that we can change our behavior.

We experience good Karma when we get the message and move into integrity, providing truth and service toward others. When we make this shift, we notice that a different type of person is crossing our path: people who are there to be a Synchronicity for us.

This good Karma allows our Synchronistic flow and success to truly take off. Our destinies unfold, and we wind up in just the right place to reform some aspect of human culture for the better. Personally, we have discovered the Good-Life while, at the same time, we are changing the world.

Doubt that such a Karmic Design exists? Just go radically honest and helpful for a while, and watch what happens.

James Redfield