Awareness means purification and discover yourself


Tony-Samara-wunderkerzeDiscover yourself in awareness

Discover that our ideas are constantly being given shape and material form on this earthly level. Every thought, every aspect of our creative mind and imagination results in an adventure of possibilities. Possibilities that may excite the heart and open us up to a world where the boundaries of normal limitations fade into insignificance as we expand beyond what the ego-mind says and listen to our innate wisdom.

“Love creates a gracious awareness, clarity of thought,
and a remembrance of this moment.” – Tony Samara –

Awareness means purification, and purification means letting go through forgiveness and compassion, meaning the deep compassion that happens when we are aware of situations as they are.

It is not that we fight ourselves or anyone else, as part of awareness is loving kindness. This means that we understand that the peaceful way is the way that is without effort, and that ‘giving up’ requires effort in itself. We may not realize that it takes a lot of energy to give up, as in doing so we are fighting the natural inclination of awareness that is within our essence.

Giving space to awareness

The attribute of our soul is awareness and if we are always fighting our soul, or if our soul is caught in the mundane that is not real, then our soul has no space to manifest.

The natural inclination for every human being is the consciousness of pure awareness. This means that if we are not experiencing consciousness or awareness that we are putting effort into constricting that reality from being present in this present moment.

Hence, it is that we need to let go, (meaning the part of us that thinks that it requires this or requires that to come back home) and come back to the space of pure heartfelt love. Doing so doesn’t require anything other than the giving of space to the space or awareness.

May I suggest that today as we look at the various situations that arise within ourselves – within our mind, within our emotions, within our body – that we simply watch the different sensations and experiences, and be aware.

Where is the energy going?
Is it going into the needs and desires of chasing the next moment?

Or, are we letting go into this present moment so that this present moment allows for conscious knowledge to align to the supreme consciousness that is awareness?

Supreme consciousness is the consciousness that frees us from everything of the past and everything of the future and brings us back to the awareness that this present moment is more perfect than we may think, more perfect than we may feel and more perfect than we may experience.

When you take that beautiful awareness into your practice, then your practice is an aware practice aligned to conscious knowledge.

This inner wisdom belongs to none, as it is the shared oneness open to be explored by everyone deeply during these next coming moments in time. A wisdom contained beyond the limiting formulas or dogmas of the past. Behold this new gift being birthed!

More intensely than ever, the inner work leads us now to light and to unity, from a troubled mind to an open heart and, hence, to the profoundness of love.

This journey leads us to the realisation of who we are.

What an opportunity to recognize that whatever is going on is a mirror, a clear reflection, telling us more about ourselves, even though this may not seem so in the turbulent moments.

That whoever we think we are is not our reality. It is not our essence. Our essence is beyond the activity of thoughts and belief systems, and when this stops even for an instant, we open a gateway to another world that gives us strength and courage to reveal the truth that we all share and that is beyond dualism.

When the theatre of the mundane aspects of the ego are transcended, when our attention is directed in an honest way into truthful knowing, the heart is freed from the chains that seem so heavy. This gives us an opportunity to discover that whatever concept or emotion that is honestly or directly examined, miraculously loses its grip, freeing us to experience happiness.

The light of conscious awareness that is produced from this moment of happiness, penetrates the ego and its games, making it impossible for suffering to continue its position of authority and hold on our lives.

tony-samara-verlag-neue-erdeAuthor Bio:
Tony Samara, world-renowned spiritual teacher & author of 16 books, has been sharing deep spiritual work & energy transmission for the evolution of consciousness for over 25 years. Combining meditation, detoxing the body, a plant-based diet & a simple lifestyle, he is best known for how his work touches more deeply than words.

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