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Ground Zero – Remembrance and forgiveness?

Fenster in Dunkelheit9 /11. Who does not remember the day that changed the world?

It’s imprinted in our collective consciousness. After that day came retaliatory wars in Afghanistan and Iraq which 10 years later resulted in the spiral of violence and the national economic disaster in the U.S. and the world.

Violence is not and cannot be a solution. Our world has not become any more peaceful since 9/11. Did all those people die in vain? The day of 9 / 11 has dug deep into my memory. Flames, fire, dying people, weeping people. Flicking channels, at home with the flu, I stared at the CNN news I had just tuned into. After an incredible hour, I phoned friends and work colleagues. The world seemed to have been shocked into a complete stand still. Some people were crying. Again and again the phone rang for me too. Then people jumped from the Twin Towers and the first building collapsed.

Many people today throughout the whole world will be sharing these memories on the day of Ground Zero. It is a day of infamy because it shows what humans are capable of. But it is also a day of forgiveness. Without forgiveness, the wounds will not heal and a world of peace and coexistence won’t be possible. Instead further hatred and revenge on all sides of life will lead to further violence. I’ve given up hope for political reason and wisdom. But there is one thing I will never abandon: my faith in humanity to bring about lasting change and peaceful coexistence. The desire for peace must awaken in each and everyone. I need to be at peace. Being at peace seems to be the only way that this precious commodity can arise in the world. These lines are dedicated to all those who feel the same as I do. These lines are dedicated to all those whom I did not know and who had to die that day. Their deaths remind us of peace and forgiveness.

Thank you


Peace intention experiment. Initiator Lynne Mac Taggart

International peace day, September 09, 2011 Global coherence and global coherence initiative

Translated by Alan Morison

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