How to Shift the Energies of a Room Using Stones



How to Shift the Energies of a Room Using Stones

A while ago a lady who knows that I am into stones asked me if it would be possible to uplift or harmonize the energies of a room with the help of crystals, and if so, how. This may sound odd to crystals fans at first, but this is possible using just normal pebbles. Such stones can be found on every walk. I started experimenting and working with “normal” stones many years ago. For example, when I need something in my hand to soothe and ground me, I go out into nature and pick up a stone intuitively. Holding it in my hand for a while or even while I am sleeping works great for me.

People who used the SOURCE method (as described in my book “The Miracle Problem Solver: Using crystals and the power of Sedona to transform your life” (Earthdancer Books 2016)) know about the enormous power of stone constellations, even using ordinary stones, which can be found everywhere. This makes the SOURCE method brilliant, because you can find the items you need to do it anywhere quickly.

Here is my suggestion of how to change and improve the energies in a room very fast:

1. Focus on your intention—you want to change or uplift the energies of a certain room.

2. Then go—as relaxed as possible—for a little walk. Intuitively collect some small stones on your path. Or, let yourself be drawn to (or by) the right stones. A handful of small stones (with a diameter of about an inch) is sufficient.

3. At home, intuitively choose a suitable place for these stones, on a table for example, or on a windowsill, perhaps on the ground or the carpet.

4. Hold the stones briefly in your hand and inwardly recall your intention from step 1. Then throw the stones gently onto the surface chosen. Look at the pattern of this constellation. If it looks harmonious and pleasant to you, you are done. Trust your gut feeling! Perhaps you have to shift some of the stones just a little bit – do that gently and in a meditative way – until the resulting constellation image feels coherent and has a soothing effect on you.
Let the stones lie there for a while.

Well, that’s it. Please try it out. I wish you much success with this experiment!
You can send me an email to report how it worked for you:

Prof. Dr. Kira Klenke

10. September 2017

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