Invisible forces


invisible forces mann gesicht himmel manInvisible forces

Invisibility – Just as the most powerful forces in nature are the invisible ones – heat, ligt, air, electricity – so the most powerful forces of man are invisible forces, his thought forces. And just as electricity can fuse stone and iron, so can your thought forces control your body, so can they make or mar your destiny.

Every human experience is an effect. You laugh, you weep, you joy, you sorrow, you suffer or you are happy. Each of these is an effect, the cause of which can be easily traced.

Back of everything is the immutable law of the Univsere – that what you are but the effect. Your thoughts are the causes. The only way you can change the effect is by first changing the cause.

And merely because the Power of Universal Mind is invisible, is that any reason to doubt it? Love is invisible, but what greater power is there in life? Joy is invisible, happiness, peace and contentment. The radio is invisible – yet you hear it. It is a product of the law governing sound waves. Law is invisible, yet you see the manifestation of different laws every day. To run a locomotive, you study the law of applying power, and you apply that law when you make the locomotive.

These things are not the result of invention. The law has existed from the beginning. It merely waited for man to learn how to apply it. If man had known how to call upon the Universal Mind to the right extent, he could have applied the law of sound waves, the law of steam, ages ago.

Invention is merely a relevation and an unfoldment of Universal Wisdom.

You’re like spiritual chocolate

Dr. Akuma Saningong
Motivational Speaker & Life Scientist

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