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The Science of Epigenetics

The science of epigenetics, which literally means „control above genetics“, profoundly changes our understanding of how life is controled. Environmental influences including nutrition, stress, and emotions, can modify genes without changing their basic blueprint. […]

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How to Shift the Energies of a Room Using Stones

This may sound odd to crystals fans at first, but this is possible using just normal pebbles. Such stones can be found on every walk. I started experimenting and working with “normal” stones many years ago. For example, when I need something … […]

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Invisible forces

Every human experience is an effect. You laugh, you weep, you joy, you sorrow, you suffer or you are happy. Each of these is an effect, the cause of which can be easily traced. […]

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Ohm’s Law and Spirituality

You are an instrument through which the life power flows. Resistance will limit the flow. You have many names for resistance – doubt, denial, fear, worry – that will dramatically limit the flow of life through you. […]

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What Telomeres and Your Mindset Have in Common

In contrast, exercise, good nutrition, a positive outlook on life, living in happiness and gratitude, being in service, and experiencing love, especially self-love, all enhance telomerase activity and promote a long and healthy life. […]

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Quantum Physics and its Worldview

In quantum physics, originally conceived for material objects, objects are depicted as objects of possibilities – waves of possibility. If you place an electron at rest in the middle of a room, the electron will not stay … […]

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Gain objectivity with a bird’s eye view

Focus on the issue about which you wish to achieve clarity. Possible topics include: Clarity in your partnership, the cause of a conflict, or what the next step in a particular situation should look like. […]

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Make your New Year’s resolution become true

However, when it comes to changes we aspire, the permanently installed programs in our head and in mind – most of which run automatically and unconsciously – become an obstacle. […]

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Diamond Partners

You can experience diamond partnerships with anyone who lives in Christ-consciousness and who manifests unconditional love, heart to heart. As mentioned above, partnership is a decision between two people. The requirement for a diamond partnership is an integrated viewpoint. […]

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At first, that seems outrageous, offensive or laughable, because we can instantly point to events that look beyond our control—our birth circumstances, our illnesses, our accidents, our oppressors, and that earthquake or hurricane that killed so many. […]

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Kundalini Erwachen – Nutzen und Zeichen

It seems we are in the dark when it comes to knowledge about kundalini, unfortunately many spiritualist and psychics are misguiding people when it comes to this subject. So the question does come up, what are the kundalini awakening benefits? It’s not something we can boast to friends and family or in online communities, fact remains kundalini requires many years of spiritual work, both mental and physical. […]

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The Process Of Kundalini Awakening

What is the kundalini awakening process? In the yogic traditions it is believed that kundalini is the known universal life energy which lies inactive in all of us until eventually awakened. […]

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Energy cannot be destroyed

There is an undercurrent of energy thrumming through the Universe. Like the wind or a whisper, we can sometimes hear it and often feel it. Most of the time, we sense this energy unconsciously without any tangible proof it is really there. […]

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Dogs are the better esoterics!

In over 50 years, I personally never managed to watch a dog hoarding money and growing wealth. Even though there is a certain comic in a dog begging for treats, trying to hypnotize you with its big wide eyes while yowling like hell. […]

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A Hindu saint

A Hindu saint and his disciples were visiting the Ganges River, where they found a group of family members on the banks shouting in anger at each other. Turning to his disciples, the saint smiled and asked, ‘Why do people in anger shout at each other?’ […]