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Change the world by giving

Often, we, as a collective humanity, believe that we must do big things in order to change the world and forget that the simple little steps that are possible to take, and that we may be taking already, are exactly what are valuable to do. […]

Aufstieg und Lernen

Terra’s Story In The Cosmic Creation

If there weren’t any terrestrial time structures, there wouldn’t be phases of development and completion and Terra would have never been able to tell its story to the Akashic Records of the Universe. […]


Awareness means purification and discover yourself

The natural inclination for every human being is the consciousness of pure awareness. This means that if we are not experiencing consciousness or awareness that we are putting effort into constricting that reality from being present in this present moment. […]

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Terrestrial Ascension And Cosmic Expansion

We acknowledge cosmic life from light to gas, energy and matter, from multifrequencies of tones to one single non-tone. We also understand the difference between illusions and realities in the many dimensions which the Divine dreamt into the very beginning of this universe. […]

Verantwortung und Spiritualität -plastik-plastikmuell-Umwelt-buddha
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Responsibility and spirituality – in today’s society

Greater responsibility enhances our status in the home or in the workplace.  Greater spirituality can do the same, although this depends upon how much others around you think the same way.  Let us say that a child or a wayward employee might not see you as being responsible for them. […]

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SoulContact – even in the midst of a fight!

What I have found very helpful, both on a personal and professional level is the knowing that we are, on a SoulLevel, always connected and even in a loving way, no matter the circumstances we are in as human beings having our time here on earth. […]

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Being positive! Radiant! Confident! versus Authentic!

I want to encourage you to stop and pause, whenever your spiritual and psychological tools don`t work and to be utterly honest with yourself. Is there anything you are hiding, not voicing, because you are afraid? Are you hiding your deeper truth out of fear? […]

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From senseless to meaningful

Maybe you are in a point in your life where you have been giving all of yourself for a long time in order to reach your goals. You have been investing in your relationship, in your family… you were hustling to create a loving home… financial security… In your job you have been giving it all in order to be of use to the greater good and now: […]

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Flashbacks – Messengers of the past

Usually, what happens now is what we might call „initial worsening”. The inside pressure grows. A tsunami is on its way. Explosion of what had been supressed. That can be quite frightening. […]

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Living in the „Flow“ – why we cannot but live in it!

Flow means opening up. Being radiant. Embracing the world with overflowing love. Summer. Sun. Flow also means ripening. Going within. Finding yourself. Autumn. Rain. Flow means letting go. Cold. Silence. Dying. Yes, especially dying. Allowing. Crying. […]

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An Easy Way to Experience Deep Relaxation

When we are able to focus on the breath for three minutes and not allow our mind or emotions to carry on in the silly way that they often do, what we do is something which is the pre-requisite of relaxation. All forms of relaxation or techniques that bring relaxation require this. They demand that we bring ourselves back to the present moment. […]

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How not to get sick – An introduction article

Feel how your body and mind as a whole function as one organism, like a completely synchronized orchestra. Tune in to this frequency of health. Start creating for yourself a field of healing based on the wonderful feeling that health is already inherent in your body. […]

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How to give your life more meaning

However, your original energy, your genuine nature still resides inside of you. In order to connect with that, a training of the intuition is indispensable. You need to listen to your own inner voice, your inner wisdom and higher guidance. […]