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Responsibility and spirituality – in today’s society

Greater responsibility enhances our status in the home or in the workplace.  Greater spirituality can do the same, although this depends upon how much others around you think the same way.  Let us say that a child or a wayward employee might not see you as being responsible for them. […]

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Ohms Law and Spirituality

You are an instrument through which the life power flows. Resistance will limit the flow. You have many names for resistance – doubt, denial, fear, worry – that will dramatically limit the flow of life through you. […]

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Dogs are the better esoterics!

In over 50 years, I personally never managed to watch a dog hoarding money and growing wealth. Even though there is a certain comic in a dog begging for treats, trying to hypnotize you with its big wide eyes while yowling like hell. […]

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This golden rule

The Golden Rule is an age-old principle, one that has been passed down through generations and could not be more relevant today. According to the rule, we should treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. […]

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Spirituality – accepts life for what it is

Spirituality is a truly responsible process that understands how to accept life for what it is. Being spiritually responsible encourages growth and reflection, enabling us to experience life in a more meaningful way. By acknowledging what we can and cannot change, we can learn to embrace our emotions and build confidence in our decisions. […]