aufgestapelte Steine

Spirituality-aufgestapelte Steine

Spirituality – It is a truly responsible process that accepts life for what it is.

In this present day and age spirituality is often equated with the weird and esoteric. As a consequence religion, as seen by the churches, controversially keeps its distance from the broad field of spirituality – a situation which, particularly in Germany, leads to discussion and even defamation in the media and politics.

From our perspective, we at Spirit-Online do not want to carry this baggage into modern spiritual life. Since the 19th Century the esoteric has developed into various areas and viewpoints – ancient mystery schools re-emerging from hidden pasts, secret teachings taught to a select few only, ‘mumbo jumbo‘ as the Press will often have it – and has even been linked to political influences. We know that in abstract terms, the transition from ‘esoteric‘ to spirituality can be as easy as we want it to be. Subjectively however, it’s down to each individual‘s awareness and feeling as to what they invite into their lives as learning tasks.

Religion does not exclude spirituality. But with the development over the centuries of the laws, rules and disciplines of the various religions and their churches, any common roots between religion and spirituality have long since disappeared.

Spirituality is on the other hand something like consciousness, encompassing and binding together the formless and unseen with the internal with the external. Spirituality depends on individual effort. It requires no external constraints of its own being through manipulation, no matter what people may do. Any form of violence and oppression is excluded. Compassion and the heart are the only important criteria.

Therefore, we believe that every person enjoys the freedom to decide for themselves where their individual tendencies lie. At this point we can only speak for ourselves.

Spirituality transcends and connects, lying beyond all religions, cultures and social prejudices. Willingness, joy and enthusiasm are the internal characteristics of learning in the overcoming of all fears and egotism. This learning is an individual‘s own creative process but it will influence the future for human beings on earth. It is a truly responsible process that accepts life for what it is.

We think that this is a path that leads to peace and trust. It is a path of consensus and cooperation, a path that can lead to social development and the overcoming of worn-out, incorrect paradigms, a path of consciousness and associated abundance. However, this path is impossible without tolerance and respect. Respect also means fully preserving the dignity of every being and his rights.

Uwe Taschow

16. Februar 2013