Dogs are the better esoterics!


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Dogs are the better esoterics!

„Yes, stroking a dog strengthens our body’s natural immune system! And yes, dogs have a positive impact on body and soul! But, are dogs the better esoterics?” Is the author going crazy, you might quite rightly think.
Dogs live in the Here and Now. Doing so, dogs exactly do what hardly any yogi achieves after 30 years of practice – as little as floating above the floor with crossed legs.

Or, have you ever seen a dog worrying about its future? You may even step on your dog’s tail right now without giving it any thought, he might yowl terribly, but will not even remember it in less than two seconds – I would bet – and even love you more than before. We should really learn from this, shouldn’t we? Not only typical marital quarrels on a weekend tend to last from dusk till dawn; even when going to sleep or during hypnosis sessions or during a meditation we give room to upsetting, disturbing thoughts.

We may tell ourselves a thousand times, our thoughts are clouds, which slowly flow away and we look at them and let them go, like a leaf in the wind of a warm day in autumn. Blah-blah, blah-blah. Excuse me: Wrong turn. The thing about Here and Now can only be managed by very few of us, but it is supposed to be really great. That is the reason for increasing demand in the esoterically interested audience, that is the breeding ground of the existing non-socialist esoteric market.

It is the same with mindfulness, buy the way. Dogs are super mindful in their world. They focus on what they want, exactly: the bone, the tree, the grass, the cat, the biker on the walkway, the neighbour’s dog. Und how about us: On our way to work we think about the poor breakfast we had, about the bad smell in the underground, about the ugly taxi driver and about the bad day we are going to have with our mean boss, our nasty colleagues, the big piles of work in front of us.

But do we at all notice the grass underneath our feet or even taste it? Do we smell the tree next to us? For this, human nature first of all needs an appropriate course and training, an annual membership, DVDs and retreats, instead of simply be and be mindful for what I do in this very moment, and not for what was or will be!

Let’s continue the spiritual master class XXL and ask ourselves: Can dogs let go? Naturally! No dog ever clings to its collar. When it’s gone, it’s gone. With our without Swarowskis. Or just think of those terribly itching ecologically correct dog coats?  No dog in the world will ever miss them, once they are gone. Even though most of the dogs hardly ever get this – dogs really love responsibility and tasks. At the same time, they even let responsibility and jobs go easily just because of being cuddled, called or treated with a bone.

In over 50 years, I personally never managed to watch a dog hoarding money and growing wealth. Even though there is a certain comic in a dog begging for treats, trying to hypnotize you with its big wide eyes while yowling like hell. Such a wealth can only consist of bones and other treats and it cannot do more than fill the dog’s stomach. As the dog does not think of tomorrow, with a full stomach it will never care about anybody else enjoying its treats. Here and now, there is only a full stomach.

Let’s take the most important – the pure purposelessness. As only this way, healing is possible and self-healing is enabled: In this case there is only one intention in a dog, when it is lying next to us: Love (in the form of loving care).

And this exactly is the secret lying right in front of us, but which most of us just do not see. Love. Without love, no cure or healing. Basta!

Conclusion: We can learn a hell of a lot from dogs; if we take a closer look, we will even discover far more, than only how to let go or how to be mindful or how to be in the Here and Now.

Yes, they are with all senses!

So, it is true: Dogs are the better esoterics. Only the barking sometimes can be disturbing, but therefore they cannot fly. And why should they? It seems, also their pragmatism is far better developed than ours. What might evolution or whoever want to tell us with that?

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