This golden rule


golden rule Licht_This golden rule can be found in each of the major religions…

What you do not wish done to yourself, do not do to others or, in other words, treat others as you want them to treat you. Why is this rule in every great culture? And why does this ethical principle seem to have completely disappeared from our society?

Societies like ours have given completely into fear. They thrive on unrestrained criticism and bad news with positive praise relegated to the touchlines. In a climate of fear and negative beliefs there seems to be no room for a new evolutionary spirituality. And yet we cannot escape the fact that ancient wisdom more than ever reveals something about our true human nature. More and more people intuitively feel that something is changing, that Planet Earth is transforming into something new. But mankind and the elite still cling to the familiar.

Instead of harmoniously developing his consciousness, man is set on separating himself from nature and spirituality. Sciences like medicine which see humans as machines needing repair, have been outdated by their old mechanistic world views. But people have free will and thus the inalienable right to change everything for a peaceful harmonious world. Beliefs which lead to wars, poverty, and diseases should be resolved by a completely new way of thinking – spiritual growth instead of materialistic growth.

What will you change? Or is it already too late? Is our world already so far advanced in its blind greed and state of fear that governments will continue to be irresponsible, exploit, and tell lies? Is our compassion for nature and animals lost, even for ourselves?

No. There is hope. All is not lost.

More and more people are opening up to new spiritual principles and overcoming their fears, starting with themselves and allowing change instead of just wishing things could be different.

Anyone who wants peace must first be at peace with himself. If you want prosperity, be prosperous yourself. It is time to understand that every negative thought produces nothing but negative thought forms and events. This is where the power for change lies. No person is equipped to be hopeless, helpless or powerless: instead everyone has the ability to be their own Creator. People only out for profit are the frightened elite who could lose their influence, power and capital, if cooperation, tolerance and compassion were to replace unbridled competition. Positive thoughts will change everything.

Spirit Online identifies itself with the hope for change, a change in the sense of a new evolutionary process, a spiritual culture and a consciousness that unites all human beings.

We are committed to a world where life and Spirit are one, where there is peace and compassion – a world for all people of all cultures, with no exception.

We support all efforts for a new world view that unites science and spirit.

We support the birthright of every person to have complete freedom of choice.

We reject any conscious or unconscious negative belief that wields power over us.

We choose a world without fear, a world of spiritual growth, prosperity and confidence.

golden rule

Translated by Alan Morison