Energy Vampire Effect and Symptoms

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Energy Vampire Symptoms Sternenhimmel MenschEnergy Vampire Effect and Symptoms – How To identify Energy Vampires

When we talk about spirituality and psychology, we observe that there are many different characters all around you. But little did you know there are actually types of these people and they fall into many different categories that are created by psychologists as well.

Today we’re going to be discussing this category and we’re also going to discuss just how they are identified. The type of people we’re talking about are energy vampires. – Energy Vampire Effect Symptoms –
Energy vampires are people that have no interest of knowing what the world is up to. You can say that they are a mixture of self-obsession and selfish behavior. There are many different sorts of energy vampires that just might be around you but you can’t really identify them. Well, today we’re going to help you in identifying energy vampires with the help of energy vampire symptoms. Let us shed light on some of the most obvious symptoms that are as follows:

Energy Vampire Effect and Symptoms


If there’s one thing that an energy vampire has, it’s negativity. Just being around an energy vampire becomes a huge problem as these people very easily start being negative. They question anything that happens around in their surroundings and will object on how it should actually highlight them. This is one of the many reasons why energy vampires are easier to identify for psychologists.


We don’t mean to call anyone attention seeking, but this is one of the symptoms that energy vampires actually have. This is one of the many reasons why they can pose to be sad or depressed most of the times. This might not be actual depression but this can be something to capture people’s attention. However, if you’re not a psychologist, you can’t really understand if the person is actually depressed or is just acting to be.


No I don’t mean to say that they stab you in the back, but they can trick you into doing some things. Energy vampires crave attention and they might seem to be the way you want them to be until you’re around. But the moment you take your eyes off them, they become the same self that they actually were. So, everything that they showed were only to keep you around. Now, wasn’t that deceiving?


These people can cause a havoc for the smallest of things. Let’s say bob is an energy vampire. The minute bob breaks a cup, he starts to make a huge deal out of it. This can lead to a dramatic evening that probably has ‘My broken cup’ written all over it. This too is a trick for grabbing attention, however, let’s not blame them as they’ve always been this way.

So, with the help of these few things you can actually identify an energy vampire. Before actually labeling someone as an energy vampire, make sure you’re completely sure about it. We certainly hope this article helps you out!

Uwe Taschow

10. Januar 2016