Terras Story In The Cosmic Creation


Akashic Records anasin-terras-story-in-the-cosmic-creation-cosmos-1903435Terras Story In The Cosmic Creation

The Great Soul Vywamus about the divine dream in the Akashic Records of the Universe:

This is Vywamus, this is Vywamus, this is the Great Soul Vywamus speaking from the Akashic Records of the Universe.

The Divine dreamt of this universe before it came into being, and the Divine continues dreaming an everlasting dream of cosmic life in this universe. This dream comprises many forms of existence from birth to death, from matter to energy, gaz and light, from numerous time structures to one timeless structure in the endlessness and wideness of the cosmic space. This dream is the infinite dream of the Divine which is always imagining explosions and implosions, expansions and compressions, visible and invisible realities of the creation.

There was never a dream in this universe without development and completion. Then, the Divine looked at the expression of varieties, deriving from birth and being subject to death. The very expression of these cosmic varieties created Terra, too. Thus, Terra was connected with the Great Wheel of Life from the Akashic Records of the Universe and thus, it was to tell its story there, during eons and billions, millions, thousands and hundreds of years.

The Miracle Of Cosmic Life

Terra’s story of the past is different from its story in the present, and Terra is already preparing a new story for the future. Eternal lifetimes ago, the terrestrial consiousness slept in the divine dream, awoke millions of years ago and raised for the future cosmic ascension in order to correspond to the multistructured Akashic Records of the Universe.

During all these times the terrestrial planetary consciousness did not only write its cosmic story. The Divine also heard many songs in spaces around the planet, and these songs were sung by the winds of Terra. And the Divine saw many lights which danced over the oceans, lakes and ponds of the planet. They all were to show the miracle of cosmic life.

If there weren’t any terrestrial time structures, there wouldn’t be phases of development and completion. The future would collapse and the past wouldn’t have existed. Terra would have never been able to tell its story to the Akashic Records of the Universe and to participate by that in the intelligent proceeding of cosmic life. Therefore, the planetary system cannot but follow the dream of the Divine, keep up with times and create the miracle of cosmic life in this way, too.

The Holiness Of Life

Nowadays, the divine dream of this universe is hidden in the sacred realms of the Akashic Records of the Universe. The Great Souls, the Masters of Light and all cosmic Light Teachers sealed it up. They did it at a time when Terra’s planetary consciousness awokened and began to tell its story on the basis of the present, thinking about the past and creating the future at the same time. In that manner the Divine connected all kinds of cosmic existence and all terrestrial terms of development and completion unalterably to the holiness of life.


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