An Easy Way to Experience Deep Relaxation


Deep Relaxation lichter haende candles in darkAn Easy Way to Experience Deep Relaxation

Wake-up, go to work, come home, eat, drive. We are so busy doing many different things in our lives that we forget to relax. Relaxation is very different from doing nothing because doing nothing can actually be quite a stressful experience, normally making the mind and the emotions quite bored. Relaxation is not what many perceive to be relaxation, which is a lack of activity, but rather a focused and compassionate understanding of activity and a certain practice of that activity.

“Relaxation allows life to flow with joy and wonder.”
– Tony Samara

Most people habitually

consider their need to relax when times have been difficult for them and needing to go on a holiday somewhere to get away from stress is the ideal. This is a very simplistic and non-effective way of dealing with reality.

Reality is so interesting that we do not need to relax away from it but rather go deeper into the experience of what reality means by going into all of its aspects, but in a different way than what we may normally put into practice.

Stress usually happens when the emotions and the mind don’t comprehend what is going on in the experience that is being felt when we are stressed. The energy of life pushes the limits and boundaries of certain aspects of our being, such as the emotions, to a point where they become dysfunctional. Actually, stress usually leads to dysfunction, not just emotional but also mental dysfunction, meaning that we may go around in a circle, dealing with situations in a very non-effective way, which creates more of the stress that is creating it in the first place.

For the body, the emotions and the mind to understand relaxation,

they need to have a specific format. There are many ways to do this, but one very simple and easy way is to come back to the breath.

When we are experiencing stress, breathing is the last thing we think about because our whole mind and emotions are focused on something else. They are not focused on the body or its well-being and harmony, but rather on the intensity of that moment. This often leads the body to breathe in a very specific way, usually including the solidification of an old program, or of an old karmic situation that hasn’t been resolved.

The disharmony of the old negative karma, mindsets or emotions come up and they push to be recognized. They push, especially when they know we are overwhelmed. They push for recognition of their importance in our lives and this becomes the stress that then can lead to a state of depression, violence, aggression or lack of compassion and lack of love.

The breath is so obvious and easy that our minds think that it can’t be important but we have to be disciplined. Stress requires a very specific discipline. When anger or whatever emotion in the stressful situation comes up, it is no good feeling guilty because we’ve gone through that dysfunctional emotion because it doesn’t help the situation. What is required in that moment for relaxation to happen is discipline.

tony-samara-neue-erde-entspannungDiscipline is not the old boarding school type

discipline where we have to treat ourselves in a harsh way. Discipline requires focus, so that every time our mind or our emotions wander from one aspect of life to another, we ask and guide our attention to come back to the breath, and do this for at least three minutes.

When we are able to focus on the breath for three minutes and not allow our mind or emotions to carry on in the silly way that they often do, what we do is something which is the pre-requisite of relaxation. All forms of relaxation or techniques that bring relaxation require this. They demand that we bring ourselves back to the present moment.

It is impossible not to be present if we are present to our breath because when we are present to it, we are aware of many aspects of our physical being, not just the body in the sense of having fingers and feet, rather we become aware of the actual mechanisms behind everything that create this awareness of the body.

This is why, when the body is breathing in rhythm with our physical breath

and we are conscious of that, and are present and totally there, allowing it to happen, then what goes on is a marvelous transformation.

We can do this right now. We can take a few minutes to focus on how wonderful it is to breathe in. And, as we breathe in, we don’t mentally breathe in like a mechanical robot, but rather we inhale in a way that is like going to a new place – a beautiful beach or mountains that are spectacular.

Take a deep breath and feel how wonderful it is for the body to experience the newness of this breath and to be connected to the wisdom that we are breathing in, in a complete and unified way, with all breath that is life.

When we do this, the life force that is inherent in every particle, in every aspect of nature, whether it be a simple weed in the garden to the majestic trees in the forest, breathes with us. This is what creates deep relaxation.

An Easy Way to Experience samara schamanen weisheit neue Erde25.05.2018
Tony Samara
His book ‘Schamanenweisheit’ is available from Neue-Erde GmbH…/Samara-Tony/Schamanenweisheit.html

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