From senseless to meaningful


From senseless to meaningful frau flower

From senseless to meaningful

Sunday morning… You wake up, time off. You are lying in your bed and going within. And there it is again: This creepy feeling of senselessness which you have been feeling more and more often recently. So far you have been able to successfully supress it. But now?

Emptiness. Nothing. A sense of being lost. Senselessness. What´s the point of all of this?

These feelings are scary. How to deal with them? You don`t really find a satisfying answer…

Maybe you are in a point in your life where you have been giving all of yourself for a long time in order to reach your goals. You have been investing in your relationship, in your family… you were hustling to create a loving home… financial security… In your job you have been giving it all in order to be of use to the greater good and now:

  1. The success you have been aiming for has not shown up. You are still living in that crabby little apartment, being in a relationship that goes on and off, your finances could be a lot better and… yes, you are feeling empty, maybe even a little burnt out. You haven given it all, reached the top of what you are capable of, are at your wit´s end…

Or maybe this is your scenario:

  1. Everything you have been aiming for has manifested! You are so grateful for your beautiful home. Your beloved partner appears in your gratitude list on a daily basis, the little ones are well off… You describe your job as your calling… and you look at your life with appreciation. But yet, there is this feeling to have come to a dead end. You have given it all and received most of it and now what?? There is this slight feeling of emptiness, even depression. What´s the point of it all?

From senseless to meaningful – How to approach inner emptiness:

First of all, be aware of what emptiness and senselessness really mean. Look at these feelings, don`t avoid them, even though they feel heavy and tough. A vacuum… a blanc sheet… nothingness… space…

Ok. Well done! That is exactly what is going on. Great!

Senselessness, looked at from a spiritual point of view, is a very positive feeling and sign. Yes! You read it right!

Why is that?

Because it is a portal to a new level and plain.

At this point zero and dead end, where there is nothing left, is a doorway to a whole new experience and perspective. The night which is darkest before the new dawn.

The fact, that you are at the end of it all (in a positive and negative way) invites you to define yourself in a new way. To open up. To ask for help and guidance… To surrender to the greater truth, your Inner Guidance, the laws of the Universe.

You are in the precious place of realising that you have given it all and that it is time to have your cup refilled. To be shown the next step. You can surrender. Let go. And let God.

Maybe you go on your knees and bow your head. Or maybe you open your arms and look up at the sky above you.

„Dear Soul, dear Inner Guidance, dear Life, Universe, God… here I am and I am feeling lost. I have given it all. Show me the next step… I surrender. Take the steering wheel… I don´t know how to go one and I am ready to follow your…”

These could be your words describing your inner standing.

„I surrender my finances to you. I surrender my wish for a perfect home and loving relationship…”


„I have received everything I have yearned for. What is next? What is my next step and task?“

The Agenda of the Soul

We all have a Soul. And each and every Soul has an Agenda for this lifetime. The Soul knows exactly where she is going…

It is us who often don`t know about our Soul´s Agenda because we loose contact with our Inner Guidance. We tend to look at our life exluding the view point of our Soul. Our navigation system is on mute, we misplaced the map. Or we have reached our goal and ask: what´s next?

Trust in life – why is it so hard?

Have you ever wondered why it can be so hard to place our affairs into the hands of life/God. To trust and to know that all that is happening is going to be for our very best?

“Life is hard” – ever heard of that one?? It is one of the phrases most of us have been hearing from childhood onwards. Our lives are infused by fear: „It is hard to find a good job… life is a continuous struggle… to earn one´s living… there is never enough of the good stuff (whether it is money, love, parking spaces etc.)… and when there is enough, for one, you have to be very careful to keep it!”

Fear and scarcity-conciousness is part of our society and collective thinking. Even those of us who managed to escape this collective madness and structure through inner work and created new beliefs, tend to fall back into old patterns in moments of emptiness.

Can I really trust life and my Inner Guidance?

Is it safe to let go and surrender?

I mean, really? We are talking about my life, here, right!

The ego starts to panic. Control! Safety! All of that is in danger! And who is going to make sure that the storms of life are not going to tear it all down??

Starting an inner dialogue

To start an internal and external dialogue… with your Soul, with Life is the way out! To consciously live with those fears, to look at them. To talk with God/Life/Universe like we do with a good friend (because that is what it is) and to talk with your Soul like it were your best friend (because that is who she is). Discussions bring into movement all that has been stuck. They can create clarity. New perspectives are created. New experiences can be made.

From senseless to meaningful – A practical excercise:

A practical excercise I am personally doing on a daily basis is to ask a powerful question. It is a question my dear spiritual mentor Neale Donald Walsch has given to me:

And what does this have to do with the Agenda of my Soul?

This question has the potential to radically change your life and transform senselessness into purpose. In an instant.

In the moment you ask yourself this powerful question out of the sense of being lost… and when you decide to be open to receive an answer, the veil is lifted.

There is clarity.

Maybe in that very instant. Or maybe over some time when you live with that question and prepare yourself to receive.

This question takes your consciousness to a new level. The level of your Soul.

All of a sudden, the smale and seemingly meaningless things in life become important. You see the bitter picture. The greater reason.

Thy will be done…

… is not a sentence that degrades us to being string puppets of a higher power.

“Your will be done, dear Soul of mine, you who is part of the Greater Will. May your agenda be fulfilled. I trust you and follow you out of the certainty, out of my experience that I am the happiest when I am in alignment with you… when I follow your steps and surrender to your plan.

Your will is mine.

I decide to align and to identify with my Soul rather than with my ego and other subpersonalities.

I am. Who is this being that I AM? Me who trusts life? Me who gives way to the path of my Soul? Me who decides to come from love rather than from fear?


The next time you feel empty, senseless and without purpose, remember:

Senselessness is a point zero, a portal to a new level!

Senselessness is the end of the known.

Senselessness is an invitation to get help and support from the best coaches ever: Life and your Soul!

Accept this invitation! Walk through this portal. Align with yourself even more. Deepen your trust in life!

Fill the inner emptiness with the Divine and the Agenda of your Soul. Invite the Greater Good into your experience, personally. Maybe even in written form ; ) Hand the steering wheel over to your inner compass and guidance.

And wait for instructions and nudges to act on.

It is just a matter of time when the sense of being on purpose and deeply alive will flood your mind, your heart and your body!

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