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In the New Age, special beings come together whom I call diamond partners. Many souls who already know each other from previous lifetimes are coming together at this time. They may come together for a moment or for a long time. In the New Age, the two souls decide together with which partners they will share a limited space and time, or a lifetime.

It could be that a partner from an earlier life is currently choosing a path that no longer matches your own. If you feel strongly drawn to someone, it could be that you knew each other in a previous life.

You can experience diamond partnerships with anyone who lives in Christ-consciousness and who manifests unconditional love, heart to heart. As mentioned above, partnership is a decision between two people. The requirement for a diamond partnership is an integrated viewpoint. Only people who are open to spirituality can experience such partnerships, because Christ-consciousness has a different vibrational frequency than the plane of duality.

It is the vibration of being, of pure love. You decide which plane you will inhabit. If you follow the Path of the Heart, thinking and seeing with your heart, you are living a heart partnership. Do you feel the magnetic pull between your diamond and that of your partner? Activate your diamond through deep and conscious breathing from the heart. Let it illuminate and radiate and draw into your life whatever makes you happy. Live in the now and live in a way that is most harmonious for you.

Diamond partners walk side by side and support one another. They allow each other the freedom they each need to live his or her life. Being free is very important. Live in freedom, think free, and feel yourself free. What would your life look like? To do this requires a great deal of tolerance and an acknowledgment of where you are now. These beings grow together.

They love each other as they are. Sometimes, they have already known each other through many other lifetimes. Sometimes they have only spent one or two lifetimes together, or spent time together on one of the other planes. It could also be the first time that you meet as lovers because you were both finally ready. It is important to maintain clarity and consciousness during and after such encounters. There are emotions on earth that can tear a soul apart.

Diamond pairs love each other through the will of love. Love is what you carry in your heart and what thrives in and expands from you. Your partner only reflects your own love back at you. But it is always your love with you. The more you can feel love for yourself and can say “Yes” to you and your being, the more you can feel love for and from another being.

Lara BernardiBiography:
Lara Bernardi is a business economist FH, spiritual teacher, and mother of three girls. She has written numerous specialist articles for business magazines and is the author of several books and of a business meditation CD. Lara is a fully integrated personality who follows the Path of the Heart (Love) and awareness. Additionally, Lara offers training in mediumship, spiritual counseling, and new methods of healing as well as numerous seminars on how to be happy and healthy.

Since childhood, she has been aware of realms; she sees, feels, and understands energies. This allows her to advise her clients in all areas. Lara has the talent to understand people holistically and to show them who they are and what they can do in order to live the richest possible kind of life.

Using her years of practical coaching experience, Lara developed the BERNARDI Profile® as an assessment of personality and potential.

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